May Update

May Update

It’s official. I am having a beautiful little girl. I am so excited. I was very much expecting the doctor to tell me that I was either carrying twins or that I was having a boy. Twins run in my family and the way that I am showing and carrying for how far along I am, you would think I was eating for three. lol. But I am very happy to say that I will be having a girl this September.
Her ultrasound was awesome. We chose to have her ultrasound video recorded as well as with pictures. She was moving around and blowing bubbles and sucking her thumb. She was even trying to sleep with her legs crossed and hand behind her head. (Sleeping just like her parents do lol). It was most wondeful thing ever. We have been anticipating this day for a long time.  I am so glad this day finally came.
In the months before we found out the sex of the baby, I did a lot of shopping. I tried to do as much neutral themed shopping as I could. I will be posting a blog post of a children’s consignment sale where I have purchased a lot of things for the baby at discount prices. I will also do a review on the Palmer’s Massage Cream that I bought earlier this year.
In the meantime, enjoy some picture updates:

Baby blanket I’m crocheting
Ultrasound of my precious baby
Baby blankets my grandmother crocheted (before she knew the sex of the baby)
My baby bump at 18 weeks



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