Baby Showers and Counting Down

These past few weeks have been full of baby showers. In the month of August, Jayda Lynn has had three baby showers! I couldn’t believe it. She is so loved and she is not even here yet. My mom threw her a baby shower, my coworkers and my in-laws. My husband and I were very happy and very appreciative. It’s very hard times now and we are newlyweds, so all the help we can get is a blessing. Jayda got a lot of things and a few things that will be able to be passed down to her kids and so on and so on.
It’s getting down to the wire now, and as I write this I have 6 days left until her due date. I have been trying almost every thing in my power to get her here. I have been walking and cleaning and doing just about everything to maker her “come down” but she will not budge. I have been 1 cm for about three weeks now. I’m hoping at the next visit I would have progressed but if not I hope to be discussing induction. I do understand there may be some risks with some induction methods, but I would like to try every thing I can to get my baby girl here. 
Hopefully I will be announcing soon the birth of our little girl. In the meantime I’ll keep “nesting” and getting things ready for her. She has already taken up 75% of our closet and more clothes and diapers that we can even deal with. lol I will try to do a post of her nursery and a review of her baby book. 
Pics of her baby showers below:


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