Growing baby and Updates

Long time no talk
I have been very busy with our little family
We have been enjoying our little one and exploring new venture
I’m looking forward to trying to complete my prerequisites for nursing school
I’m really motivated and ready to complete school to embark on a new career

Our little girl is growing so fast
When people say cherish the days when your child is a baby I understand what they mean now
Jayda has been crawling since she was 4 months old
She has been standing since she was 5 months old
And now at 7 months she is trying to take steps to walking
She is growing way too fast!
She is such a smart baby and we look forward to more progress from her
As new parents we do experience stress and pressures for parenthood
Everything is brand new to us and it definitely is a process
We are learning and its going to take time to adjust to keeping the love in our marriage in tact as well as raising a child
There’s a lot of sacrifice we make and in the end its all worth it for our baby

I’m making a change for myself this year and it’s going to be a hard one
I’m determined
I have set 3 goals for myself:
Lose weight/Get back to pre baby weight
Eat healthier and more green
Continue on Natural Hair Journey (which will be posted on

I will be posting more updates on my goals for the year and the progress I will make
I can’t wait to see how much difference this year will make for me
Hopefully this will also motivate other young moms to make healthier choices in your life
Here are some pic updates for you guys and I will check you on the flip side!

Don’t you just love her! lol 🙂
I do 

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