Weight Loss Journey: Part 1

So I have decided that I’m going to try and lose all of the weight I gained from pregnancy and hopefully the weight I gained before
To give you a little back story, I’m a naturally thin person
For years I was around 95 lbs, even as an adult at 21 (I’m 5’0 on a good day so it’s okay for my height)
I never gained weight and I never lost it
I could eat what I want and it I would never gain a pound
I had high metabolism and was very active
A decision a made to change contraceptives changed my life
I went from 95 lbs to 135 by the time I finally stopped taking them
This is where it all started
After I realized that the contraceptive was making me gain weight I changed it
I plateaued and stayed at that weight for awhile
In 2006 I met someone
We were in love and care free
We eventually broke up and heartbreak set in
Well….heartbreak turned to 30 lbs later
I was 165 and at the highest weight I’ve ever been in my life
I was determined to lose the weight and I did
I was back down to 135 after changing my eating habits and exercise
Well fast forward to 2008 and I was up to 145
 Not bad….Still had a figure lol
I plateaued once again and stayed that way until I got pregnant
As you can tell by now my weight has been up and down for awhile
But throughout my pregnancy I gained a wopping 50lbs!
So this is me pre-pregnancy weight gain ( I was about 3 weeks in this pic)
 Not bad but not where I wanted to be either
This is me a few days before giving birth (People thought I was carrying twins!)
Very big and very unhappy lol
This was me post-baby
I had only lost 15 after giving birth….that’s not much
So the journey to weight loss begins ……

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