One Month Weight Loss Update

Hi Guys
So I will be doing a 4 month and 8 month update ending in December
on my weight loss journey
I’m so excited
I have been trying to no avail to kick start my weight loss
In 2010, before I got pregnant, I was active
Going to the gym and trying to eat right
But unknown to me, my body had reached a plateau
But now I’m ready to lose this weight
My goal is to lose a total of 50lbs
If I stay focused I know I can do it
I have lost 15lbs since April 25th!
This is my routine now:
30 minutes of heavy cleaning of the house
30 minutes of cardio and crunches
*30-60 minutes of walking
My diet consists of:
6 meals a day*
(3 meals and 2 snacks in between)
Daily Caloric Intake: 1200-1400
At minimum 64-98 oz. of water a day
I’m starting slow because I have not been actively exercising in a very long time
I don’t want to overwork my body to fast and cause injury
I am slowly going to integrate weights and running into future exercises
 And I’m also going to add a variation of exercises and a longer workout time
My diet has only been altered by the caloric intake
My goal is to go completely go Organic
I have changed minor things in my diet to organic but hope to be completely by the end of the year
This has also been a hard change to make for me
When you’re so used to eating fast food and carbs all day
It’s kind of hard to give it up
I did by myself a blender
And this……………
It has hundreds of recipes for blending and making juices
It has a lot of good recipes but found out that some of the recipes require you to juice
I’m going to have to make some modifications to some recipes but will have to spring for a juicer too
I will post throughout the updates to post on recipes and weight loss products I’ve found that have been helpful
I hope that you all will follow me on this journey and if you have any pointers to please post and share
I’ll be posting some links to some health and fitness blogs and videos that have been helpful to me as well
God willing I’ll be 50 lbs lighter in December 🙂

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