My Current Fav Apps on my Weight Loss Journey

First, let me say that I purchased a Kindle Fire, which I love
For the price, and what it’s capable of doing, it was definitely worth the buy
So I found a couple of apps that have been really helping me to stay on track
This is by far the most helpful app that I found so far
 This app calculates your daily caloric intake  
It also logs your cardio and other exercises
You can also log your weight and set goals for yourself
It also includes a bar scanner so that you can scan your food products to help with your logging
 (It is used better as a mobile app)
These workouts on these apps are awesome
The app features 5-30 min workouts for you to go all the way through or choose specific exercises to help lose the weight
The app targets all the muscle groups
The app gives a description of how to complete exercise below the video
There is a variety of daily apps to choose from 
There are a few downsides……….
The app does not give you a break in between exercises
You are, however, able to pause to give yourself a break before the next exercise starts
The app also does not show you in the video how to correctly perform the exercises
So if you’re not knowledgeable of most exercises you could seriously injure yourself
So make sure you know what you are doing before attempting
By using these apps I’ve been able to stay focused and keep up with my weight loss
It helps to log every item I eat and every exercise I do to stay motivated 
It also helps me to not overeat and to not overexert myself
If you have any other suggestions, please share

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