Reaching Goal Weight!


I am so excited that I have been able to reach this point. Although this journey was not met with some obstacles. It has been very hard to try and stay on a schedule for my diet and exercise. I was doing well for the first couple of months. 

 My daughter’s sleep schedule was thrown off and so was mine. I was getting up later than usual. I wasn’t eating at the correct time of day and I was skipping meals and snacks. All of this effected how much I was exercising. Essentially, I didn’t end up losing as much as I wanted in this last month.

  I also have been busy working on our boutique business. Our boutique is brand new and I make handmade hair bows and other handmade items. I have done very well so far, but transitioning to online sales has been a pain in the you know what. The market is flooded with stay at home moms who have made crafting their main source of income. I enjoy it but it takes up a lot of time too. 

 I am determined to stay focused and continue my weight loss journey. Overall, I’ve lost 28 lbs since I started and I am halfway to my goal. I now weight 157lbs. I started in March at 185lbs post baby.

What’s been helping me so far? XBOX KINECT GAMES

The very thing that I am on my husband about being on too long, has helped me more than I thought it was purposed for. 

These two games come highly recommended:

I will say that you will need a lot of space to complete some of the points of the games. I don’t have very much space to work with right now, so in the game, it would seem that I’m very inexperienced and lazy, but the kinect won’t “pick you up” if you aren’t in the sensor zone. 

Anywhoo (lol), I have made progress with these games and will be adding more to my collection to help shed this weight. 

My new weight loss goal is to be back at pre-pregnancy weight by the time my little girl’s birthday gets here, which is in September. So, 20 more lbs to go and I will be at goal….hopefully. 

If you have any Kinect Game recommendations, please let me 


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