I’m becoming an Organized Housewife

So I previously wrote in another post that I was following and completing the “20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home Challenge” via “The Organised Housewife” blog. Katrina is an awesome organizing Aussie who has been giving all of her followers tips for cleaning and organizing our homes. We’re breaking down the days with different tasks and it’s been very helpful. 

Here’s where I started: 

Printed out (Free) Pre Task Printables

Placed them in a 3 ring binder

Placed the task lists in full page sheet protectors ( I didn’t have tab dividers) 
I like this better because I can write on the sheet protectors with a dry eraser marker and wipe clean when I change tasks instead of printing more sheets
Link to Task Sheets:

I had a shower tote that I was using for storage and I’m making it into the Daily Cleaning Tote
It’s been so helpful to have found this blog. I’ve been cleaning and finding new ways to clean and I’m very excited. I will say that the cleaning tasks for the month are like if you were to do the dreaded “Spring Cleaning”, in which we are all familiar with. She does make sure to include “regular” daily cleaning tasks and offers a lot of homemade cleaning tips.
I won’t actually post pictures of my home until the end of the 20 days to give an overall makeover post.
If you want to follow along or participate in the challenge, please click the link at the top left of this page. 
Believe me it’s definitely worth it. 


2 thoughts on “I’m becoming an Organized Housewife

  1. Shaina A. says:

    Thanks for sharing the link and this idea! I need this more than I'd like to admit! lol I'm looking forward to the makeover post :)Check out my blog:www.shainarenae.blogspot.com-Shaina

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