Alfresco Steak Night!

Grilled out a few days ago. We couldn’t wait to eat the sirloin steaks we had…. but first we had to catch them on fire! lol It was an awesome night and the steaks came out pretty crisp on the outside, since we engulfed them in flames, but they were pretty juicy on the inside.  We enjoy cooking on our little black charcoal grill. We would love to have a gas grill and hopefully my hubbie will have one on Father’s day. Shhhh don’t tell him lol


One thought on “Alfresco Steak Night!

  1. Dominic Pablo says:

    A shiny new gas grill would definitely be an awesome Father's day gift for your husband, Lesha! And buying that for him will give you a better connection since it's obvious that you both love grilling. Well, can't blame you; that steak surely looks yummy! Dominic Pablo

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