Being You: Embracing You Through A Storm



I have been thinking of ways to truly introduce myself to the world, officially, as a business owner, here on my blog. I was home mapping out a photo shoot to really express who I am as a person. As I was setting up for the photo shoot, a strong thunderstorm rolled in. I thought, “OMG, my photo shoot is ruined!” But when I thought more about it, I yelled to my husband, “We are still going to shoot! Grab the camera!” You would have laughed for sure because I was running around in 5 inch heels, and my curly twist afro, hoping that we could get some shots in before it starting pouring down.

Now I’m sure you’re asking why would I shoot in a thunder storm? Well, I thought it would be a perfect example of my life. The dark clouds and strong winds reminded me of the up and downs I have been through in my life. But through guidance and maturity I have learned to be strong and confident through the weakest points in my life. I have learned to embrace myself for who I am. I love being unique and not having the weight of people’s opinions of me on my shoulders. Do you know how big of a weight that is on your mind and your spirit? It can kill your dreams, your goals, and your self-worth. I refuse to let that hinder me from living a beautiful life.

Truly enjoy waking up to a beautiful day no matter how dark or gloomy it may seem. Embrace your beauty, embrace your flaws, and embrace you. That is all that matters in this life. You’re beautiful and show it, even if it is just for you and your confidence. When I reached my breakthrough, and decided that I would live for me and be happy regardless of what was happening in my life, I became so much happier. It inspired me to become a photographer, and use my craft to show all the beautiful things in life and how they inspire me. Photography has been my outlet and I love that I am able to provide other people a service that will help them feel the same confidence.

I became a wife, a mother, and a business owner in a span of 2 years. I thought to myself, “How could I do it all?” Being a stay at home mom with my daughter, as well as pursuing a college degree, work, and build a business was beginning to look like I bit off more than I could chew. But I began to remember that I am in control of my life and I can do anything by embracing myself and have confidence in things working themselves out. There’s no need to sweat the small stuff, because it begins with loving you in spite of pain….or in this case the rain 


LeSha B.



5 thoughts on “Being You: Embracing You Through A Storm

  1. ChoosingLife2012 says:

    ABSOLUTELY loved this post! I can relate 100%! Even though i do not feel as though i have reached the point where i can truly begin to love myself and pursue everything i want out of life with my all yet ( i also dream of becoming a photographer and owning my own business to help others and myself appreciate this wonderful and BEAUTIFUL life god has given to us all inside and out) I most certainly feel like i am on my way and by me stumbling across this specific blog post it just further reassured me and reminded me to not give up the fight! MAD RESPECT TO YOU!!! you go girl!!!! ^_^

    • thelovelyphotog says:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate you reading my post. It took me awhile to finally realize that I needed to get out of my own way. To live out my passions and sink or swim. It’s a hard process and I’m learning so much but I am committed to it and the only person stopping me, is me. I encourage you to do the same and try your hardest at it. I’ve also learned that the more involved in forums and groups concerning photography, the better it helps with confidence and encouragement. If you’d like to follow some of the groups I’m in or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I plan on doing a lot of blogging about my journey, please follow to keep up with my journey and I’ll do the same 🙂

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