I’m different…So what

You all laugh because I’m different.

I laugh because you are all the same.

Unknown  Author

I have lived my entire life being different. I have never been the popular girl in school, and in fact, I was made fun of quite a lot. I was bullied in school, I had a very small group of “friends” and I almost always ate lunch alone.  But, what surprises me is that, adults still carry on in the way they did in their teenage years. It’s amazing how many people, especially women, look down on, gossip, and mistreat other women, who THEY feel, don’t meet their standards. It’s a serious epidemic and there is no reason for it.

Why can’t they be happy in the skin they are in? Because they are clearly projecting their inner feelings on someone because of what they wear or how they wear it. Why do they care so much about the way other people look, dress or act? Are you not happy with your life, that you have to not only pay attention to, pick a part, and examine another woman to make you feel good? This is very unladylike and unnecessary. It’s seriously sad and no excuse when you are a supposed adult.

I’m different, so what. Sometimes I won’t put on makeup or wear the cute heels I just bought. Sometimes I like to rock my t-shirt and jeans, instead of the cute maxi dress I bought. I love the skin I’m in. I’m comfortable with me and have found the less attention I place on people’s opinions, the better I feel. In fact, I relish in the favor of “haters” or bullies, because it just shows me that my uniqueness kills them. I feel that I owe it to them to show them that it’s okay to be different. So what I’m not wearing a full face of makeup or my hair is free, wild, and curly…I love the skin I’m in and I love me.

I’m different, so what…I’m free, unique and me…and I love it


4 thoughts on “I’m different…So what

  1. Gina Nikki Howard says:

    I’m different too! I was not so much different than you when I was in high school either. However, was not bullied, wish I had known that, as your Auntie, I would have had to go Madea on some people… lmao. However, I’m so proud of the Woman you are today. I love you! Keep pushing, don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way!

  2. punksandmonsters says:

    And I love you too….

    I’d hate to hear what people thought about me…i’m always in jeans and tshirts, I never wear makeup, and I don’t own a cute maxi dress or heels. I used to, in a previous life, but I don’t have time for that stuff anymore!

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