Easy DIY Elastic Hair Tie Tutorial


Easy DIY Elastic Hair Tie Tutorial

*Disclaimer: Please excuse my dish pan weather worn hands 🙂 I’m a mommy first 🙂

I love making accessories and this latest craze of elastic hair ties is pretty easy to do. So I wanted to upload a quick tutorial and supply where you can find the elastic.

I also make and sale handmade boutique items on Etsy.

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* I bought all of the materials with my own money. I am not sponsored in any way.



Items Used :

Fold Over Elastic 1 inch
Tape Measure
Lighter Or Candle

Where to buy decorative hair elastic :
Search for “fold over elastic”

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13 thoughts on “Easy DIY Elastic Hair Tie Tutorial

  1. Courtney Conover says:

    Hi, there! I’m Courtney from The Brown Girl with Long Hair blog, and as you can tell by my blog’s name, I am pretty much obsessed with all things hair…I am going to try making this, and your hands look fine! Mine, however, look like I’ve swapped lotion for flour. ;-(
    I’m stopping by a day late because, well, I’ve been watching my potty-training son like a hawk.
    (Lord, give me strength.)
    Now that both kids are in bed, your blog will have my full attention.
    Congrats on your special SITS Day.:-)

    • The Lovely Photog says:

      Hi Courtney! You have gorgeous hair! These are so great for any hair type. I have natural hair and they work really well with my hair. Plus you save so much money. Lol Mommy’s hands can get a little rough sometimes. I’m potty training my little girl with not as much as success as I’d like. Good luck girl! I say the same thing every day…Lord help me lol 🙂

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m going to check out your blog as well 🙂 I have a lot of catching up to do with blogs I follow 🙂

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