Mommy’s "Emergency" Car Kit-UPDATED w/ Video

1.                 Wet wipes or baby wipes
2.                 Tissues
3.                 Towel
4.                 Plastic bag
5.                 Band-Aids
6.                 Alcohol pads
7.                 Benadryl cream (anti-itch cream)
8.                 Rolaids
9.                 Mini first aid kit
10.            Neosporin
11.            Extra money
12.            Small baggie
13.            BC Powder (Headache medicine)
14.            SInus or allergy medicine
15.              *Bonus Item- PMS MEDICINE

Have you ever been out with your children and wish you hadn’t forgot wet wipes or wish you had a bag for a stinky diaper or even stomach medicine after a lunch date with your hubbie? Well, your “emergency” car kit would be a great essential to have on trips away from home.
I’ve created a great list to get you started but your kit can be changed up depending on your mommy needs. I have few tips to help you keep your “emergency” kit ready at all times.
Tip 1 – Buy travel size items to make sure you have plenty of backup for your kit.
tip 2– Don’t keep anything in your kit that will spoil or become damaged in extreme heat or cold, such as batteries.
tip 3– If you have infants, Add a diaper or two if you just happen to forget the diaper bag, which I have done a time or two
Tip 4-Add your emergency kit to your diaper bag to take in and out of your car, if you have things in your kit that need to be taken inside
tip 5– Save old wipes containers (the large tub) to keep for your “emergency” kit, which is also great to decorate as a gift for a baby shower

New Video Assembly Video


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