Photography 101|Tips for Resizing Your Pictures for the Web

Resizing your photos for the web is such an arduous task. When you upload your photos to a website or social media page, they can look distorted because of the compression that occurs from being uploaded.

There are definitely benefits from resizing your images for the web. The benefits of resizing include, minimal upload time and less distortion. Resizing helps you to share your photos easier and allow them to look similar to your original.

  • First, if you are resizing photos from a point and shoot, all you will have to be concerned with is the size of the image after editing. Ex. 125×125, 200×200, etc.
  • If you shoot with a DSLR, you have to make sure your color profile is in the sGRB format in post production (after editing).
  • Once you are done editing, you will decide how to resize by the orientation of the photo. The orientation of the image includes Portrait (Vertical) or Landscape (Horizontal). This will help you in the resizing stage.

Once you have decided how you want to resize, which is usually downsizing a large file to a smaller file for faster uploading, you can find the best size for viewing.

For Example, Facebook Resizing

Facebook recommends that you resize images to be :

720 px   | Vertical

960 px   | Horizontal

2048 px | Vertical

Facebook Recommendations (


Original (4608px)

Original (4608px)

Resize (960px)


Tips for Resizing:

Save your image as a jpeg with an sRGB color profile.

If you edit in Photoshop, save your image as a PNG after editing.

This will allow for less compression, because even when you resize your image, Facebook compresses the image again. Saving your image as a PNG in Photoshop will allow it to not be compressed again before uploading to the web.

There is a great photographer, Stacie Jensen, Colorvale Envi Photshop Actions, who offers great tips, actions, and loads of business tools for other photographers. She’s offering a free resize action on her page.

Follow the link here and download your free Photoshop & Lightroom Actions!

If you’d like to see a full tutorial, step by step instruction, comment below!

Enjoy the free action!


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