31 Stories|The Vow



Day 6 Jewelry


My wedding ring is my favorite piece of jewelry. Our wedding rings represent so much to me. The power in owning these rings and the vows we took to get them, is such a big deal to me. I am in a interracial marriage and to know that our marriage wouldn’t have been legal before 1967 is beyond my belief.

I have been so grateful to have my best friend as my husband, who has looked past my differences as I have his. We sawΒ  through to our souls and found a very loving spiritual connection. My spiritual growth has grown so much over the years. And even more so now that I’m married and have a family. We took our vows and promised to uphold each other every step of the way. We could not do that without being spiritually connected.

That is what these rings mean to me, and it’s what I’ll profess every time someone asks.

(Special Note: My first macro ring shot with 50mm 1.8g. I’m so glad I had a reason to shoot it)


17 thoughts on “31 Stories|The Vow

  1. Niecy says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. I am really passionate about the subject of marriage right now, so I appreciate your willingness to share about your journey. The soul connection is so vital.

  2. xtraleo says:

    I confess: that is a lot more deep that what I’d say about my ring…lol. I love my ring. It is my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. It’s beautiful to read about a love that would possess you to write such lovely words about your man and your marriage.

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