Inspiration| My Fearless Pursuit


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I have always been an introvert. I was a quiet girl growing up and even as a grown woman I’m still a little apprehensive when I meet new people. Even more so when I’m in a new place, whether it’s work or school. I clam up and the more nervous I am, the worse I feel. Even to the point of slight panic, from the many stares or meanderings of whispering I hear, or just even an introduction, causes my words to jumble and thoughts to rush out of my head. I am, however, able to overcome this debilitation, when I gather enough courage to dismiss the feelings of nervousness. My humor has helped, because although I have social anxiety, I am quite an interesting & funny character and can work a crowded room if forced too.

But that’s the thing. I wanted to stop forcing myself to be comfortable…

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