Farmer’s Market Shopping Tips



Farmer’s Market Shopping tips

5 Quick Tips for shopping the market

Buy What’s in Season-This will ensure and guarantee freshness

Check for cleanliness of food stand and worker(s)-If they are unkempt, how do you think the food would fare?

Check for bugs on produce as well as asking about pesticide usage-You want to know exactly how the food was handled before purchasing

Choose the stand that is popular or has more customers- This is not an absolute, but your first initial shopping trip will be rewarding

Bring an extra tote bag or eco-friendly bag with you- For extra purchases and non-produce items


*Tell me about your market shopping trips. Do you have any stories or tips to share?


12 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Shopping Tips

  1. Jeff says:

    That’s one thing that bothered me some the last time I went to my local farmers market. I asked just about everyone there and they all used pesticides.

    • thelovelyphotog says:

      Aww man! That’s too bad. There definitely should have been an organic farmer there. There are some farmers/merchants who carry organic produce but nowadays they usually have stickers or advertise that they are all natural. Another option would be to visit local farms who offer natural organic produce picking or trading. You can find out by visiting

  2. lizzgarner says:

    I always get there right after they open and walk the entire market before buying anything. That way you know exactly what’s there and the good stuff isn’t gone yet.

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