20 Facts About Me


1) Im a Capricorn and I share my birthday with MLK Jr πŸ™‚

2) Im an imtrovert but slowly working on coming out of my shell, hence the blog

3) I am an artist and IΒ  would draw cartons,comics, and portraits when I was younger

4) I am the oldest sibling

5)Im a nail biter

6) I heart makeup

7) I am a book lover

8) I tried out for soccer in junior high..major fail

9)I was on the drill team

10) I sang in the choir for 5 years..soprano πŸ™‚

11) I love listening to classical music

12)I love vintage movies and photography

13)Im a professional photographer

14) Im married and have a little girl

15) I’m afraid of the dark, bugs and roller coasters

16) I absolutely hate driving over water..like on a bridge or highway

17) Im an 80s baby and love 80s and 90s music

18) I took German for two years and I only know how to say Ich heibe LeSha, Wer bist du?Β  πŸ™‚

19) I was a tomboy through out my early school years until I discovered NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys πŸ™‚

20) I love watching movies..especially horror but I can’t watch them alone and afterwards I always have nightmares lol

If you are reading this post, you are officially tagged! I would love to get to know you! Post your links or random facts below πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

    • thelovelyphotog says:

      Wow! We have a few similarities I found it from this 20 facts post. I wish I could have went to see them at a concert. Backstreet Boys came to AR! Girl they came to my little town and signed autographs in Wal Mart before they got big. I was there with my little torn out page of Teen Bop Magazine or whatever it was called lol Everyone else had the cd but I couldn’t afford it and I wanted to bring something lol I can’t find that damn autograph to this day. I think it’s in my moms attic.

  1. Krugirlrn from IG says:

    1. I have a son who is the center of my world
    2. I’m the oldest sibling of 2 by mom and 6 by dad
    3. Met my Dad when I was 16 yrs old
    4. I love being a nurse and making someone feel better than when they came into the hospital (sounds cliche, I know!). Most of all, I enjoy mentoring other nurses
    5. I collect socks! The more outlandish the color, the better
    6. Just getting into makeup and nail polish. I enjoy doing DIY nail art!
    7. I love taking pictures! One of these days, I’ll take a photography class
    8. I went bk to natural hair in 2012. On a journey! AGAIN!!
    9. I enjoy editing papers & such.
    10. Don’t tell me I can’t do/achieve something….it fuels the fire inside.
    11. I reeeeally like vibrant African fabrics.
    12. I grew up in Liberia, West Africa
    13. I’m searching for a good foundation since prescriptives is no longer around.
    14. Favorite scent is by Jo Malone
    15. My son sketches and his art brings me joy!
    16. I hv bought brand new cars 2 times. Both times- VW Jetta…reliable!
    17. Just bought a home and it is a blank canvas. Hmmmmm….insert a snicker*. Shopping here I come!
    18. Pet peeve: someone chewing loudly with mouth open
    19. I enjoy house plants and growing em
    20. Life is short so I live and enjoy being impulsive occasionally. My recent trip to India as a birthday treat is one example.

    • thelovelyphotog says:

      Wow! Thank you for posting your facts! My mom is a nurse and I’m actually starting nursing school next year. I completely understand the feeling πŸ™‚ Interesting background. Loved that this post is helping me get to know you guys πŸ™‚

      • annesquared says:

        Do you want 20 facts? Wow…ok..I have some overlap with your above response. πŸ™‚
        – in a cosmic sense…
        1. My birthday is JFK’s death day.
        2. I’m the 2nd oldest of 8, with the oldest being 11 mo older, next one 13 mo younger.
        3. I suppose I met my parents when I was born, but with so many people in the family, I kept trying to disclaim them and find another place to live. At 3, or 4 or 5 years I settled on the Madison, WI zoo – the merry-go-round – and even when they pulled the “We are leaving now, good-bye.” I didn’t budge. I was dreaming about sleeping in the m-g-r and helping to feed the lions in the morning. They finally had to carry me kicking and screaming “But you said you were leaving, go away and leave me here.”
        4. I am not a nurse, am 3 classes short of a BSN and have been kicked out twice – for not thinking like a nurse.” (I was trying to “enhance” my MPH. Not a good idea to go back after getting a MPH. Especially after working in pharma and medicine for the previous 20 years. No…some profs do not like that 😦 but some did. My older sister just received her RN after being kicked out only once.
        5. I love mentoring. My passions are epidemiology, statistics, learinging anything! I am a committed lecturer to local schools about preventing STD’s and HIV/AIDS. Much of my research and time was focused on the epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa.
        6. Yes, I have kids. And yes, I am the mom handing out condoms at dorm check-in time. I don’t promote casual sex, encourage kids to talk to their folks, but I will not see more people die from this disease if I can help it. We have already lost an entire generation on one continent.
        7. – 9 see above, I get long winded πŸ˜‰
        10. Kids – oh yeah, them. 20 year old graduating from univ this Dec to law and 17 year old graduating this May (God-willing). One is right brain, the other left brain. They never fought. They don’t understand the concept of sibling rivalry. ??? That is why I wanted more than one kid.
        11. My kids and I share a passion for animals – dogs, cats, horses… and more. I draw the line, until they have their own place w/ the above. I did give in on the tarantula.
        12. I am introverted, as is my son. We have developed public personas that demonstrate introverts do not need to be shy.
        13. I don’t like to wear makeup unless I am going out in the evening.
        14. I prefer high quality – 1 of something – than several low or mediocre items. (Shoes are a good example.) And high threat count cotton sheets.
        15. I love to camp, ride horses, clean horse barns, be around horses…
        16. My international travel tends to be to developing countries. I live wherever I am pointed to – and adapt. But I won enough national trips in pharma to be spoiled silly. Not the life I want – however…
        17. Just let me stay a night or two in a 5 star on the way home…. πŸ™‚ “therapy”
        18. My daughter is from a third world country. She has a twin who also lives in the USA – identical. In spite of degree 1 in psych – genetics! No kidding…
        19. I drive a 16 year old SUV that has a horse “nickname”. I love it, don’t mind the gravel roads I have to drive, or son backing into a few things… It has everything I want in upgrades and my mechanic keeps her going. I’ve piled kids, sports equipment, dogs, cats, all of the aforementioned, bargains at sales, plants – I promised her – if she takes care of us, I will take care of her!
        20. I love classical music. Ah…

        I hope you didn’t snooze off – and pop by my blog – it is a bit, er, eclectic πŸ™‚

      • thelovelyphotog says:

        Love your 20 facts. We have a lot of similarities. I also was dropped from nursing school. This is my last try but I will have to say I wasn’t ready and too young to start back then. I’m also a introvert who has learned to overcome public speaking and large crowds. Your family and career are very interesting and I look forward to reading more. I’ve always wanted to learn more and hear about international topics and interests πŸ™‚ Thank you for participating and I hope you come back to read more πŸ™‚ Heading over to your blog now πŸ™‚

      • annesquared says:

        Thanks and good luck with school. I LOVED being a “non-traditional” student. (Reading the book and going to class actually go quite a ways in learning πŸ˜‰ Go figure!
        I wasn’t dropped, I was booted. It is hard for an BSN program to justify dropping a 4.0 who already has a BS and a grad degree. I got fed up with the politics and wasting the money. I should have going to the JR college and rec’d an RN – but the BSN school told me that wasn’t possible. It was.

        I will be cheering as you go through your nursing program! Glad to have found your blog!

      • thelovelyphotog says:

        Lol Yeah it does go a long way. That’s what I’m afraid of when I try and go back to finish degree s in previous fields. I’m 1 semester away from obtaining a liberal arts degree and/or psychology degree, so if nursing doesn’t work out I will go another route πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the encouragement and I’m glad I found your blog as well πŸ™‚ Love the attorney records post! Lol

      • annesquared says:

        Good – humor.
        Would love to link to Krugirlrn from IG’s blog but I don’t see an active link.
        Ideas? Or pass along interest?
        And, prefer high count THREAD sheets, not THREAT. I need an Editor!

      • Krugirlrn from IG says:

        Wow!!! I enjoyed annesquared’s post too!

        So…nursing school…..let’s talk about that. Appease the instructors to get by. If u come off like you know more than they do then they will fault you. In clinicals, go with the flow and explain what you are doing before the instructor has a chance to ask u anything!

        Annesquared, the 2nd degree nurses are…..Uhm……interesting! As a nurse manager, I find it difficult to acclimate 2nd degree nurses to the very gray world of nursing. I’ve hired nurses that came from accounting, IT(lawd hv mercy!), engineering (blk & white world…no formulas to solve for in nursing)… It’s an adjustment but hang in there!

        The lovely photog & Annesquared, nursing is THE most rewarding experience of MY life. You will not regret. I celebrate nurses week like a rock star!

      • thelovelyphotog says:

        Thank you so much for the advice! That’s going to really help me when I start. I definitely have had teachers who didn’t like that I was too thorough in consuls clinicals. Crazy right?! Thanks again for reading πŸ™‚

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