Giving Your Photos Meaning


Jayda & Alex


Capturing family photos can be pretty stressful when you have little ones. I have experienced every bit of frustration from trying to keep them happy and engaged during photo shoots. I especially have trouble with keeping my daughter’s attention when I’m trying to photograph her.

What I have learned to do, is try and give my photos more meaning by capturing the moments that are more spontaneous than posed. Capturing moments when a child is in their element, playing, or just plain ole not paying attention to you, are some of the best photos you can take of them.

For the featured image, I let her play on the porch and whatever she did, I captured. This photo was the best of them all. She stopped and crouched down next to the cat. They both were looking in the same direction at that moment, and although the photo edit itself isn’t prefect, what matters is that I captured my daughter in a beautiful moment.

I love unconventional poses and angles. This really gave my photo a better meaning because it was so spontaneous and dramatic.

Want to know how to give your photo’s a better meaning?

° Throw all rules out of the window, the more spontaneous the better.
° Try a new angle or background.
° If you’re shooting a child, get down to their level. They really do have the best view of the world.
° The more natural the photo is, the better.
° Have fun with it and don’t stress yourself out about getting the perfect shot. Most of the time, bad photos can turn into great ones when you look at them from a different perspective.

Have fun with trying this new approach to photos and share your favorite unconventional photo you’ve captured.


6 thoughts on “Giving Your Photos Meaning

  1. Afrophire says:

    I don’t have any children to take photograph yet 🙂 but I definitely can use these tips in my self-portraits. I always get so caught up in the pose… trying to achieve that perfect pic. You’ve reminded me to loosen up and have fun.

    • thelovelyphotog says:

      I had to learn that lesson too. I’m still very critical of myself but the more I do it (self portraits) the more I let go and just do 🙂 You have great ones on your about section. I love it! Now if I could just find a great place to take my own photos I’ll be doing 100 lol

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