7 Tips on How To Have A Successful Photo Shoot


I’ve been shooting for a little over a year now and I’ve learned a lot so far in my photography journey. I’ve had some really great shoots and I’ve had some shoots that were a little trying. I’m continuing to learn what is best for me and my business and I’ve gathered a few quick photography tips on how to have a successful photo shoot.

7 Tips On How To Have A Successful Photo Shoot|Photo Shoot Etiquette

  • Research and learn about your photographer and their style. If you are disappointed with the images, you most likely chose the photographer for their price and not their style.
  • Communicate your vision for your photo shoot. We don’t truly know what you want, unless you are specific and detailed on how you want your images to look.
  • Help to communicate and direct your children during shoots. We love working with families but we’re not disciplinarians.
  • Do not expect your photographer to contact you during their off hours. They have a life outside of photography too
  • Allow a proper amount of time after your photo shoot for post processing and image delivery. Trust me, you don’t want your images rushed if you’d like them to be spectacular
  • Follow all contract rules. Copyright Infringement is a real crime. Instagram isn’t worth the loss of money + images.
  • Be respectful and truthful to your photographer. If your needs aren’t being met, communicate that so that your photographer can act accordingly, but don’t be unrealistic. Miracles don’t happen over night.

Tell Me…

Have you had a bad photo shoot experience? As a photographer or client?


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