Love In Motion


Love In Motion

Movement and motion real love moves like an ocean action not words show what love is worth.

Love is not an emotion but love has the power to bring forth emotions to cause hurt, joy, and pain.

Love will help you to deal with frustration from inflation, sequestration, and even condemnation.

This is the truth loves purpose it is real if taken to heart love can conceal every flaw every mistake all those issues that make you feel like you’ve lost all your appeal.

Love has that covered it’s a part of His plan.  But you can’t just speak love with the words that are heard understand you must demonstrate this word using actions flowing from your hands through the thought of your heart.

Love spoken without action creates a stagnate situation moving only in the breeze or drying up in the sun better yet it may freeze as soon as the temperatures of the heart begin to drop.

This word without action tends to get lost in contraction it shrinks and declines and dissipates over time when love is in motion it operates by your deeds it’s moving and growing, it’s planting and sowing when you give in to love a full harvest you’ll receive then use what you’ve gained exude love from your being let it seep from your soul allow loves motion to take control.

Takei Inspirations

A poet, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and an amateur photographer

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