Inspirational Poetry|The Renewal By Takei Inspirations

The Renewal

Renew your mind and your life will follow don’t live on a microcosmic level of what is your true destiny

Knowledge is freedom it represents a seed being planted in your life but don’t forget to pull up those weeds they’re growing up and down the vine that is your spirit your body and your mind

Wipe it down keep it clean don’t continue to consume yourself with the idolization of these material things that don’t mean one single thing.  They evaporate they fade as time continues to pass through the sands of the hour glass these things will not last

Knowledge is everlasting with the power to transform the present to create a bright future all the while ensuring the mistakes of your past don’t revisit and leave you dismal and dismayed afraid to face the sunrise of a brand new day

Knowledge won’t let the past stand in your way

This commodity called knowledge is useless until the practicality of application takes place by the renewing your mind seeing past what you see and speaking only positivity negativity only begets more negativity

Positivity brings about God’s grace it sets you on pace to live your dreams
Activate your knowledge discover your grace live by your faith then you’ll find it’s easy to get in your appointed place.

unpublished work©  2013 Takei Inspirations™

Takei Inspirations

A poet, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and an amateur photographer

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