You Win Some..You Lose Some| The Other Side of Photography

ImagePhoto Credit LeSha Brewer Photography & Designs LLC

My photo session story as a photographer…

I was so excited to shoot this session with some great handmade designs and kids a few weeks ago. The photo shoot was very tasking in that, there were about 5 kids with their parents. Of course, you may know that kids love to have fun, so they were doing just so, but the problem was the parents had no control over them. They were all over the place, in the background of most of my shots, and the lovely young lad in the photo above, splashed me with water! Needless to say, the kids had fun, but I was stuck being the director, parent, and overall principal of a school of kids. This is definitely why I recommend taking the steps for great photo shoot etiquette, because you could end up wet, tired, and burnt out after a photo session. I love what I do, but you win some and you lose some.

My photo session story as a client….

My family and I were scheduled to have a photo session completed for my daughter’s 1st birthday. We were very excited (daughter and I…daddy not so much) and couldn’t wait to get there. Well the first problem was that the photographer gave us the wrong directions. We ended up on the other side of town, opposite of where our photo session was to take place. When we finally arrived, I realized that I have been to this particular park on numerous occasions before, so I knew exactly where it was. Well, needless to say, while we were searching for this park, the photographer had a migraine and was about to leave the location because we hadn’t got there yet. Thankfully she was brought medicine and she stayed and we finally arrived about 45 minutes late. Once we got there, we started right away, and she got some really great shots in. Unfortunately, it took us almost a month to get the photos back, but we were grateful for them once we finally got them. Here are a few of the shots taken.


Photo Credit Kat Donovan Photo and Design

Tell Me…

What kind of photo session problems have you experienced?


14 thoughts on “You Win Some..You Lose Some| The Other Side of Photography

  1. kristentoneycampbell says:

    I could leave a VERY lengthy comment here…since our photographer never showed up for our WEDDING. But I’ll leave it at that LOL On another note, I AM a photographer, and I’m constantly confirming times and locations over and over again with clients, so that I always make sure we’re on the same page. Communication is key!

  2. Kelly says:

    It sounds like it was a fun day. I can imagine it was a free for all at different points directing the kids as well as parents.

  3. Baby Teems says:

    I think lack of direction. I love to take pictures of people but when I am on the other end, I don’t know what to do. Its hard for people like me to be comfortable and natural when you know the camera is on you. Cute photos and good stories. That boy does look like I likes a little splash.

    • thelovelyphotog says:

      I find myself not knowing what to do either but when Im on the other end I know a slew of poses and what I would like to see from them lol It’s crazy …Thank you..He was very mischievous to say the least

      • Baby Teems says:

        Oh but I did have a horrible engagement shoot experience because it was just too hot. My skin was clammy and you know natural hair- I could feel the hair rising into a puff. I don’t think there was much the photog course have done. Perhaps reschedule. IDK

  4. says:

    Since I’m just dipping my toes into taking photos of people other than family, I find it interesting trying to direct people when I am taking photos. Most people don’t realize that I almost never direct my son when i take photos of him. I just sit, have a convo and wait for the moment. But of other people’s kids, i find myself having to direct to get what I want and I don’t like it! LOL I guess I need to be more assertive!

    • thelovelyphotog says:

      That’s funny because I hate directing too. It’s easier when they are younger when I’m shooting. That’s a good tip..try having a convo and let it happen naturally 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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