Happy Thanksgiving + 10 Things I’m Thankful For


1.   Thankful for my Faith & Religion which holds and sustains me through my life

And marriage and without it I would be incomplete.

2.   Thankful for my family who continue to love and support our little family. We are grateful for all that

They do.

3.   Thankful for my husband who loves me unconditionally and truly devoted to our family

4.   Thankful for my daughter who is the real joy in my life who I love so very deeply.

5.   Thankful for my home in which we dell. There’s nothing like being able to come

To a place that is safe and warm, especially in the upcoming winter season.

6.   Thankful for all of the wants and needs that we are able to have day to day (food, clothes, etc) as so many may be without this holiday season.

7.   Thankful for jobs that help our family to thrive and sustain in this economy.

8.   Thankful for college and what it has done for me so far.

9.   Thankful for talent and creativity to pursue my passions fearlessly

10.                    Thankful for the will to never give up and move forward in life without worry.



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