Inspirational Poetry| I am Happy By Takei Inspirations™

I am Happy

The fullness of happiness is hard to contain when you have it you can sense and it becomes easy to explain I’m full of this happiness and a joy that covers me in a glory and a love that does the same. 

When love is visited upon me I find it impossible not to reply in like kind to share it is to perpetuate it and to receive back more of this love since  I’ve been told we reap what we sow.

It is hard to image a life filled with more satisfaction when I think of the love and the joy that I feel when I realize that mercy said no to the tribulation trying to take me down again and again.  I am happy visualizing simply me with no need to create images of one who isn’t me

Happiness not revealed through natural materialistic things but through the joy that living a good life brings.

Given without stress no doubts no tears given to me freely out of love minus any fear and I am happy.


unpublished work©  2013 Takei Inspirations™

Takei Inspirations

A poet, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and an amateur photographer

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