My Weight Loss Journey| End of the Year Update 2013


It’s finally the end of the year, and it’s time to evaluate how much I’ve lost since my journey began at the beginning of the year. My goal was to weight 130 by end of this year, but unfortunately I did not meet my goal. I am, however, happy with how much progress I’ve made since the start. I am still at my pre-pregnancy weight of 145-150 lbs. Check out my previous post about the beginning of my weight loss journey here and here.

What has helped me lose 30lbs this year, was consistent exercise, diet, and supplements.

My weight loss journey routine in 2013:Β 

(*I’m not a dietician or fitness expert. This is just what worked for me)

  • I exercised before eating breakfast, which has proven to help burn more calories in a day than waiting. I exercised for 30-45 minutes 5 days a week.
  • I changed up my exercise regimen on a daily basis, to aide in muscle confusion. I did cardio, high intensity interval training, and dance/zumba.
  • My diet consisted of eating what I wanted but I gave myself a calorie goal of 1200-1300 calories a day.
  • I drank plenty of H20. I drank the 64 oz. of water recommended for daily consumption.
  • I got plenty of rest. At least 6-8 Hours.
  • I consumed multivitamins and other supplements to help increase my vitamin intake and energy.

My weight loss journey goals for 2014:

  • Exercise at least 30-45 minutes, at least 3 times a week. Burning at least 250-500 calories a day.
  • I want to change my diet and start eating clean, which I have found so many resources for this diet plan, so I’m excited to start.
  • Join a gym and/or running club in my community to help with extra motivation.
  • My new weight goal will for 2014, will be 115-130 for March 2014. 115 is my body’s “happy” weight, so I’m hoping to reach this goal next year.

I’m only 4’11, so my new goal weight is a good range for someone with my build and stature. You guys remember Snookie’s awesome weight loss?! No matter how crazy she is, she reached her goal! And in now way am I saying I want to look like her lol ! But her body type is comparable to mine. Short, small frame and bulbous head lol πŸ™‚

Snooki Before and After Getty Images

Snooki Before and After Photo Credit: Getty Images

I’ve checked my BMI, time and time again, and this is pretty much a good range for my body type, so it just confirmed what I would like my ideal weight to be. I’m going to be using some of my new favorite apps such as My Fitness Pal, Pedometer and Sworkit to help me on my weight loss journey. I’ve also found a fun new app and program By Cassey Ho called Blogilates.Β  She has a great 12 week program, that I would like to start January 1st. I started this month, but didn’t stay consistent because of finals, so I will be starting up the first of the year. I’m super excited and I’m ready to get started.

Here is a final look of my progress overall up until the end of this year! Hopefully there will be more before and after picturesΒ  in my weight loss journey to post in 2014!


Tell Me…

Do you have any weight loss goals for 2014?


18 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey| End of the Year Update 2013

  1. NappyCentric says:

    I’m right there with you! Something about being short…it seems like the weight just won’t fall off! But, I do agree that Snookie’s weight loss should be an inspiration for all petite short girls! I waiver between 140-145lbs, depending on the time of month but I would REALLY like to get down to 115-120lb. I’ve signed up for a 5k so hopefullly that would be my motivation πŸ™‚

  2. amandarenee0224 says:

    Congratulations! That takes a lot of hard work and dedication. What kind of clean eating are you talking about specifically? One of my favorite clean eating sites is You should check it out. This is where I first learned about green smoothies a couple years ago! Good luck to you on your goal for 2014! Hope it is the best year yet!

    • thelovelyphotog says:

      I hope it is for me too! I’m top heavy as well and it hurts my back so I will be taking charge next year with getting myself right lol πŸ™‚

      Good luck in the upcoming New Year!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Baby Teems says:

    I definitely need to work on getting more sleep. Like me being up right now is a problem. I would love to be 135. Although its less than 10 lbs for me….It has been the hardest. Best wishes for your goal. Congrats on what you have accomplished so far as well.

  4. Nellie says:

    Congratulations on your amazing loss, you look fantastic! We have similar plans I stay within 1200-1300 cals per day and I workout 5 times a week as well. πŸ™‚ You are super inspirational! Good luck on your goal, you will surely make it there in no time!

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