Click Chicks Photo Challenge| Organize

Click Chicks Photo Challenge

1/23 This week’s theme is:  Organize

I have been wanting a new journal for the New Year to start planning my daily goals. I love the freedom a journal can give you with it’s ruled paper, as opposed to a normal day planner. I am a visual person and having room to create lists, or groups, or even thought bubbles help me through the day.

I was lucky enough to win a goodie bag with lots of prizes, which I will post on the blog soon, and one of the prizes just happened to be a gorgeous journal.

BLM Giveaway-50

Isn’t it lovely? I love the quotes on the front. It’s so inspirational and awesome to have daily reminders as soon as you reach for the journal. I can’t wait to jot down my thoughts, to do lists, and goals for the day in it. Need inspiration for other types of planners? Check out this post on Krystal’s Kitsch blog here

Tell Me…
Do you have a planner?

Click Chick

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The month of January features popular resolutions as the photo challenges so you can share your plans and your progress. If you’d like to link up, head over to Krystal’s Kitsch to post your photo link.

Click Chicks is a photography challenge that focuses on pictures that bloggers take. Please tag #ClickChicks in your Twitter and Instagram feeds as well!

 Last one for January…

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15 thoughts on “Click Chicks Photo Challenge| Organize

  1. Maryrose S says:

    I have aspirations to be more organized. 😛 I love that journal though – the quote is perfect. A great prize to win. My goal this MONTH is to get my workspace organized. February’s goal is to get my Workflow organized.

  2. Patricia Knight says:

    I’m a digital person so I use my Google Calendar which is available on all my devices to keep me on schedule. And then I use Wunderlist for making my to do list. I did however start an Art Journaling Project for this year to help me focus some time and energy on being more creative.

    • The Lovely Photog says:

      I just start using the Google calendar. It’s so helpful! I am going to have to check Wunderlist out.

      The Art Journaling Project sounds cool! What does it entail? I love making art. I like to sketch and draw creative portraiture and characters. I used to a lot more when I was younger and I’m trying to get back into it when I have downtime.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. 52milespermonth says:

    ohhh lala I love that journal. It’s so pretty! And yes, I do have a planner. I rely on it big time. I can’t use the one on my i pad though. I need to physically cross out and change everything by hand.

  4. Jen says:

    I can’t live without my planner. I like to write things down. I know there are so many other options. I just love good old fashion pen and paper!

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