Inspirational Poetry| You


Don’t lose sight of yourself trying to become someone that You are not.

Often times it’s the very essence of your true self that’s left blowing in the wind lost and confused trying to reconnect with what’s left of a stranger who used to be You
Being yourself is easy once You have accept who You are not
Because who You are is what the world is in need of most the world needs what You have got.

To pretend to be another is to become some reproduction some counterfeit copy a cheap imitation and your true grace is being wasted
Be who You are let your inner lights shine bright let your ideas in this life soar and take flight as You continually gain knowledge growing in wisdom and insight
What the real You has to offer gives the Universe great delight.

Every one of us is unique in the joys we give in the songs we sing
Sing your song sing it in your key release your true self receive your destiny just as it’s meant to be You.

unpublished work©  2013 Takei Inspirations™

Takei Inspirations

A poet, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and an amateur photographer

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