Click Chicks Photo Challenge| Flowers

I’m excited about this month’s Click Chicks Photo Challenge as a Co- Host with Krystal’s Kitsch (Host) and Mrs. Tee (Co-Host) for the month of February.

2/20 This Week’s Theme: Flowers

Click Chick

I absolutely love shooting landscape photography and especially flowers. I have a few of my favorites that I’d like to share for this week’s theme.





Click Chicks is a photography challenge that focuses on pictures that bloggers take. Please tag #ClickChicks in your Twitter and Instagram feeds as well!

February 6th Pink

February 13th Love

February 20 Flowers

February 27th Handwriting

Tell Me…

What are your favorite types of flowers?


15 thoughts on “Click Chicks Photo Challenge| Flowers

  1. Megan says:

    Beautiful photos — they’re making me really wish for spring! I especially like how delicate shot of the white flower looks. The lighting and DOF give it a nice ethereal look.

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