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The Memories

The cultivating of the soil the harvesting of the crops the manipulation of the mind over and over they played out in real life though questions still run wild the what ifs and the whys?

The how could they be so cruel? Their hearts must be dark, desolate, and full of deceit.

The screams and the shouts the scene of a thousand lashes and a whip that cracks and rips and shreds the melanin filled skin until flesh opens up and blood is spilled forth then
the manhood falls buried along with the broken spirit the tormenting visions of a mother forever divided from her very own those she held so close to her beating heart she has birthed them and she has nursed then now they’ve reached right in and pulled them apart.

A heart full of love now filled with sorrows the screams of agony, defeat, and loss reign in the night
Does time heal all wounds?  Does time heal all wounds?

Healing comes from the Most High it rains down from the sky it refreshes the broken spirit it restores righteousness and brings order into what was once devastated.

Now watch them regenerate and regrow they are renewed their beauty is revealed
they are growing into the future and a life filled with hope.

They’ve got skills they’ve got class they’re creative and the ancestors dreams can now come to pass.  The wounds of the broken spirit are now a thing of the past.

unpublished work©  2014 Takei Inspirations™

Takei Inspirations

Takei Inspirations

A poet, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and an amateur photographer

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