Lupita Nyon’go

The Reasons Why America Has Fallen in Love with Lupita Nyon’go


A Dynamic Beauty


A beautiful statuesque figure with a personality and grace to match


She speaks eloquently and exudes grace and beauty


She plays a remarkable role in “12 Years A Slave” and is a well-trained Yale Student


She embraces her black beauty in which women of color struggle with as well as embracing her natural locks


She is my hero and an inspiration for this generation


Oscar Winner  for Best Supporting Actress…. Lupita Nyon’go

Lupita Nyongo Vanity Fair

Click on the links in the post for more information and facts about Lupita Nyon’go

Tell Me…

What was the best moment to you in the Oscars 2014? If you didn’t watch, what were you watching instead?

Here’s the best moment I chose from the Oscars

(I alternated between the Oscars and The Walking Dead Lol 🙂 )


3 thoughts on “Lupita Nyon’go

    • The Lovely Photog says:

      Her speech was great! I’m so happy for her too! 🙂

      And I’m glad I caught it because I definitely couldn’t miss Daryl! Lol Didn’t the last episode blow your mind?! This part 2 season is sending me on a tailspin lol

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