Click Chicks Photo Challenge| Spring

Click Chicks Photo Challenge March

Click Chick

I’m excited about this month’s Click Chicks Photo Challenge as a Co- Host

with Krystal’s Kitsch (Host) and Mrs. Tee (Co-Host) for the month of March.

This Week’s Theme: 3/20 Spring


Today is officially the first day of Spring! I actually had a lovely day out with my little one and we ran across this cute little fold out chair at the store. I’ve been buying little things here and there for her Easter basket, but this is one thing that she can have early 🙂

There are no blooms of flowers here so far, but I’m looking forward to shooting some daffodils this year. Arkansas is known for these blooms and I’m hoping to visit a few flower festivals soon.


Tell Me…

What are your plans for the Spring?

3/6 Green

3/13 Gold

3/20 Spring

3/27 Drink


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