Just In Case You Missed It: The Official Countdown to 30 Before 30


Previously Written (Jan. 15th 2014)

(Update at the Bottom of the Post)

It’s officially my 29th birthday today and I’m so excited for what’s in store for me this year! I’m claiming abundance and growth in my life this year and I’m going to try and seize every opportunity to move forward in my life!

I also share this special day with Martin Luther King Jr. and I always try and acknowledge his legacy on this day!

Happy Birthday MLK Jr. !

(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

In light of my birthday, I wanted to join the bandwagon and commit to a 30 before 30 list for this year! I created this list with what I want to accomplish and what I could accomplish given the fact that I have a toddler at home.

So without further adieu…here’s my list

I will be scratching through each accomplishment and posting about it on the blog if I can




1.     Visit a winery

2.   Visit an orchard

3.   Go to a concert

4.   Get a glam makeup makeover

5.   Take my mom on a girl’s day out

6.   Family Vacation

7.    Day Spa Treatment

8.   Shoot a gun at a gun range

9.   Publish a Kindle book

10.Ride a horse

11.    Photo shoot for family portraits

12.  Lose 30lbs (lost 10lbs)

13.   A makeover photo shoot for myself

14.  Print and File Old photos (computer crashed before I could) 😦

15.  Go to an art exhibit opening

16.  Go to a runway show

17.  Attend a bridal show

18.  Upgrade my camera and website

19.  Crochet a blanket for my daughter (Started)

20.               Host a dinner party

21.  Get a new tattoo or piercing

22.                Design and sew a dress or shirt for myself

23.                Go on a romantic getaway with my husband

24.Take an art class

25.                Attend a blogging event/conference

26.                Run a 5k Race

27. Give to Charity

28.                Read 30 books

29.                Take a dance class

30.               Celebrate 30th birthday on a beach!


Although my intentions were good for making this list, I have unfortunately managed to only complete a few things. Some of the goals I have for this list are unrealistic for the time limit, since I am a stay at home and student. I’m looking forward to knocking these goals off my list for the remainder of the months and the next year moving forward. Making this list has helped me to have fun goals for things that I have always wanted to do. I’m looking forward to turning 30 and reaching another milestone in my life.


Have you made a list like this for a birthday? How successful were you in completing it?


13 thoughts on “Just In Case You Missed It: The Official Countdown to 30 Before 30

  1. April at My Captivating Life says:

    I did a 30 before 30 list as well and I failed miserably! LOL! I think it is mostly to get you thinking about the things you really want to do. I am starting a 40 before 40 list now and maybe with several years instead of just 1 I can actually accomplish it! I suppose I should post about it to make myself more accountable!

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