It’s My Birthday! | A Year of Reflection


It’s 2015 and it’s the year that I turn 30 years old (the last time I will reveal my age so keep up lol) ! Of course, with the turn of another decade behind me, I’m reflecting over my past and future plans. There’s so much that I dreamed of accomplishing by now, you can read about some of those things here, but I’ve come to realize that there’s more to that when it comes to entering a new phase in your life.

This birthday marks to me, renewed womanhood. Accomplishing things that I’ve set for my life and actually achieving them. Facing life with a take charge attitude and assurance. Becoming a wife and a mother has helped guide me to become a better woman than I could ever think of, and entering my 30s with a new outlook for these areas of my life is what’s motivating me.

I’m looking forward to learning more about myself and what I’m capable of. I’m looking forward to enjoying things that I couldn’t even fathom in my teens, like buying my first home or starting my retirement. These are things that are important in life—not “TURNING UP” or buying Persian, Remy, or Indian Weave, or “knock off” Louboutin shoes. ‘

I’m a grown woman, with grown woman dreams and aspirations, and I’m looking forward to being a great example for my daughter.



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