National Biographers Day

Did you know that it’s #nationalbiographersday ? Gearing up to start writing my autobiography and I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’ve been writing for years, but there’s something about writing about my life and the truth in it, that makes me hesitant. The truth is, if I don’t tell my story who will? .


Spotlight on Featured Book Author: Stevii Aisha Mills

I am introducing the new Featured Book Author series here on the blog, to help place a spotlight on published authors who have authored or co-authored amazing fiction or nonfiction books.

The authors that are featured are women and men who have positive outlooks on life and positive messages to share. If you know of an author, or would like to be featured, complete the Featured Book Author Form and I will feature your published work.

Featured Book Author

Stevii Aisha Mills embraces a culture where fun is not just a niche, it is a necessity! Stevii is a native of Greensboro, NC and a proud graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, where Aggie Pride reigns. Her formal education consists of a BA in Public Relations and a MS in Human Resources, however Stevii’s real life experiences have made her a well known social media influencer and gained her the title “The Chief IT Factor Cultivator“!

A woman unashamed to incorporate tons of fun into her life and business, all the while declaring, “I love my life!”, has made Stevii a highly sought out speaker and consultant.

Featured Books

Cultivating Your It Factor

You Have No Idea The Hell I’ve Been Through

The Pieces Of My Platform

Social Media


Choosing Your Ideal Client: Part I

Blue Illustrated Leave the Office Early Day Social Media Graphic



In business, we all want to work with the “perfect” client. Whether it’s for selling a product or specifically, a service, we want to be and deal with the best of the best.

As you know, I’ve been a photographer in business for awhile now, and in this time I have researched many different ways to reach potential clients and provide excellent service to them. In this time of research, I’ve found that I wanted a better relationship with the people that I service and want to be able to choose my ideal client.

What do you mean by choosing an ideal client? To sum it up, choosing the individual or business that you want to provide products or services to that are perfectly matched to your mission, goals and value offered in your business.

Why do I want to choose my ideal client as opposed to working with anyone? The purpose of choosing your ideal client is to help to increase the value, profitability, creativity and fulfillment in your chosen area of expertise. You essentially want to be able to work with your ideal client to have a better connection and long lasting relationship and to help produce productivity, referrals and confidence in what you provide.

In thinking about choosing your ideal client, you want to create a checklist, but before you do, you’ll need to list the characteristics that you DON’T WANT in a client and the characteristics that you DO WANT.

When creating your lists, make sure to think of the characteristics and behaviors that you don’t want your ideal client to possess and start from there. Are they close minded? Are they non-communicative? Are they demanding? Are they negative? You get where I’m going with this line of questioning right?

Now what about the clients you do want? Are they outgoing? Are they value centered as opposed to price centered? Are they confident? Are they reliable? Are they positive? In creating these lists, we can prune our clients lists or start to create an ideal client list, which will move us further into marketing to our ideal client.

Have you thought about having the perfect client or customer?

Why or why not?


What Seeds Are You Sowing This Season?




Spring is finally here! Well, it has arrived in some parts of the U.S., it has certainly been missed here in Arkansas.

To sow a seed, in gardening terms is to get a seed ready to plant for something to grow. In spiritual terms, to sow a seed, means to give or do something for the purpose of growth.


There are 3 Ways I plan to Sow a Seed This Season:


Stewardship for my community, family and friends.

Self Care for me and my mental and physical wellness.

Surround myself with positive people and things.


If you’d like to see me chat more about sowing a seed, check out my video below:

What Seeds Are You Sowing This Season?


How To Take The Best Self Portrait|Self Portraits Tips for Bloggers

How To Take the

Best Self Portrait

Self-portraits are the one way you can express yourself that you have complete control over. Whether you’re showing off an outfit of the day, or wanting to add photos to your website, these tips on how to take the best self-portrait will help you along the way.

What type of camera should I use for my Self Portrait?

I use aNikon D5200a Nikon D3100 DSLR (previous camera) for my portraits. I have an 18-55mm kit lens, a 50mm 1.8 lens, and a 55-200mm lens. The best lens for portraits would be the 50 mm 1.8, because it gives the best bokeh (depth of field-blurred background), but the kit lens would be fine to use as well. As far as DSLRs go, I would recommend the Nikon D3100 DSLR or the Canon Rebel T3i DSLR. They are both reasonably priced and are the equivalent of each other in rank.

Point & Shoot Cameras are great as well and there are a lot of good ones to choose from. I would highly recommend any point and shoot that is above 12 MP, because of the high print quality and computer screen quality.  The Canon Power Shot SX170 IS Digital Camera or the Nikon COOLPIX L820 Digital Camera.

What type of lighting should I use for my Self Portrait?

The best way to shoot a Self Portrait is to have great lighting. I would definitely recommend shooting outdoors because the more natural the better and the light is more appealing. The best times would be during the day, preferably the golden hour (6-9 am 3-5 pm). If you can’t shoot during those times, you can shoot in the shade to avoid the direct sunlight that can wash out your picture. The image will look a lot better after you edit them if you choose to.

If you shoot indoors, that’s great! Natural light, once again, is the best option for lighting. An open window or open door can provide you with the best light. If you lack the natural light you need to take indoor portraits, you can use photography lighting. The best way is to use the 3 point lighting system. This will help you achieve beautiful lighting.

How can I shoot my Self Portrait?

You can take your Self Portrait on your own by using a tripod and setting the self-timer or use a wireless remote trigger. Make sure to shoot from different angles with different expressions. Having lots of options to choose from will help you to select the best photos from your photo shoot.

Where should I shoot my Self Portrait?

Choosing an interesting location will help make your Self Portrait  stand out. Also, make sure that the background isn’t cluttered or full of people, cars or other distracting elements. You want your self-portrait to be more about you, not the background. There are a few options to shoot your self-portrait such as parks, school campuses, and urban/city landscape. EXTRA TIP: Try not to shoot in public areas alone for safety reasons, but if you have to, shoot in well-lit, populated areas during the day.  If you can, shoot a Self Portrait on your own turf—home or apartment, do it! I’ve gotten some of my best photos in my backyard.

Lastly, show your best styled outfit for your Self Portrait and show a style you’re comfortable with. If you ever choose a style that isn’t part of your brand or preference, it will convey in your photos. Choose wisely and have fun with it! Don’t take your shoot seriously! Relax, have fun and be yourself! Your personality will shine through!

 I hope these tips helped you on how to take the best self portrait. I will go more in depth on the cameras settings that would be best used for self portraits in a future post.

Blog Post-9 

Tell Me…

Have you ever taken a self portrait? What were some of the problems you experienced, if any?

Beauty Review| GlassesShop.Com Product Review + (50% Off Coupon Code)

I was lucky enough to be able to try out a beautiful pair of glasses from The website hosts a plethora of prescription eyeglasses online and prescription sunglasses you can order in all styles and colors. You also have a choice to purchase glasses without a prescription.


GlassesShopReview-9 copy


I chose the GrandPraire Wayfarer glasses (SKU:FP0283) from  in Purple/Pink. They are also offered in the color black. These are my favorite style, which is Cat-Eye and I absolutely love the color combinations. It’s a beautiful combination of purples, plums and pinks and perfect for spring.


Glasses Color Sample.png

(Follow My Color Palette Series Here)

The site was easy to navigate on and the ordering was easy to complete. also has the Try-On feature, in which you can use a male or female default photo offered on the website, or you can upload your own photo, which allows for a more realistic try-on viewing. (Note: The glasses that you choose coloring will be a little off in the Try-On View, but the website has product photos that show the true color of the glasses)



Sidenote: I did fail to enter my prescription for the eyeglasses I chose, but I can wear them for fashion or wear them with my contacts and have style.

For my readers, GlassesShop.Com are offering a special coupon code GSHOT50. You will  receive 50% off on eyeglasses online and prescription sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for a honest review. All product reviews are honest and without bias. Links are not affiliate links for compensation. Thank you for your loyalty! 🙂

Beauty Review| Skincare 101: Blackhead Remover Kit Product Review

Blackhead Remover Kit

This Blackhead Remover Kit from Aotearoa Beauty is one of the most convenient and practical skincare products on the market. This kit comes with a travel kit and includes 5 (double-ended) tools that will help with all of your skincare needs.



The tools are stainless steel and are no longer than about 6 inches. The tools are used to extract blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and zits that you may encounter on your skin.



The Tools Include:

  • The Scraper: The thin, loop shaped extractor is used to gently scrap out the blackheads.
  • Angled Scraper: Angled loop is for those hard to reach places.
  • Extractor Stick: Designed to  be placed over smaller blackheads.
  • Flat Loop Extractor: Is designed for pimples.
  • Spoon Extractor: Is designed for small blackheads.
  • Arrow Extractor: Used to pop and push out pimples.


Use on skin that has been cleansed and damp when using tools.

Make sure to press or use gently. Do not apply excessive pressure.

Sanitize all tools by soaking in rubbing alcohol for at least 1 minute.


  • The cost is low for this product. Especially, since they are used by and recommended by Dermatologists.
  • You can use these tools on any part of your body.
  • They are very easy to use.


If used excessively, or with pressure, may cause skin damage. Please use caution.


Overall, I absolutely love this Blackhead Removal Kit and I will be ordering a set for a few of my family members as well. You can too as well! They are offering my readers this Blackhead Removal Kit for 40% by ordering here for there Mother’s Day Special.




Have you ever used skin care tools? How did you like them and do you still use them?



Christian Inspiration|Single… but not Desperate!

I am embarking on a new journey and a new me this year. Learning how to become the woman God wants me to be. I have gone through a lot in my short life time, puppy love, infatuation, heartbreak, marriage and all the things you can think of during a break up.

There are things in your life you can’t control, but there are ways you can choose to deal with them. By leading a life that is God-Centered, instead of Self-Centered, you can open up the doors to so much happiness and true love for not only yourself but others around.

I have been so thankful to have found Dr. Matthew and Dr. Khamilah Stevenson through their videos and broadcasts from their church, All Nations Worship (ANWA). I have never been so convicted by the word of God than I have been through watching and following them. You can find out more about them and, here.

Dr. Matthew Stevenson III 

My mother raised me as a young teen mom and now is a successful Registered Nurse and CPR Instructor. She has been my rock and my mentor though out my life,  and I love her dearly for it. There is also a need for pastoral leadership and mentorship in my life that can show me through God’s word, what a  woman of God should be, expect and grow into in life.

That is why I am so glad that I decided to sign up for The Online Single Woman’s Conference 2017 (TOSC17)

The amazing couple, Pastors Jamal and Natasha Miller, Married and Young, are hosting TOSC17, with an amazing lineup! They have created this conference to help women of all ages learn how to get into position to be the best they can be in God centered relationships. TOSC17, is specifically geared towards single women, this conference can help any woman struggling with giving and receiving what they deserve out of people in their Christian walk.

TOSC 2017’s theme this year is….(Drumroll please)…

“Single, But Not Desperate!”

As your friend, I really want you to be there because I believe it will be LIFE CHANGING for you — & the best part is that the conference is COMPLETELY ONLINE, which means (no airfaire, no hotel fees, no hassles of packing, & you can watch it from the COMFORT of your home in your PJ’s if you like…)

SO, as someone who cares about you, I wanted to make sure that YOU have the opportunity to sign up for this conference under the EARLY BIRD PRICE!!

When you register for TOSC 2017, you WILL:

-BE EMPOWERED to be contently single and never be prey to desperation

-BE FREED from your past, failed relationships, and baggage that could destroy future ones

-BOLDLY love and embrace yourself so that you can receive love from others

-AUDACIOUSLY live out your single season walking in PURPOSE

UNDERSTAND how to date God’s way

-KNOW how to position yourself to be found by a REAL man of God

(or) how to rightly pursue a REAL woman of God

– RECOGNIZE counterfeits so you DON’T COMPROMISE and avoid them

This year’s lineup of speakers includes the authors

DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good

Don’t miss out on this AMAZING conference while it’s still available for the :

$115 (Until March 31st) It will be $247 after that date, so get it while it’s good!

Register here 

…and prepare for a LIFE-CHANGING CONFERENCE…

I’ll see you there friend!

TOSC17 Flyer blank-2

Follow TOSC17  on Instagram

Follow Married and Young  on Instagram

TOSC17 Online Conference Registration

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links in which I may receive a commission. Thanks in advance for supporting the cause.

Making My Command Center|PinPix Cork Board #bulletinboard


Disclaimer: I have received this product complimentary of the company, but my thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way
persuaded by the company.

Product Review:

I’m starting a command center for my home for convenience and storage in our dining area. We need a central location for all of our important mail, flyers cards, etc. I have been wanting a cork board for the start of the command center, and this PinPix Decorative Bulletin Cork Board was a perfect fit.

This pin cork bulletin board was shipped and packaged very well. There weren’t any defects or improper packing. The board is huge and is great for the start of a kitchen or dining room command center. I have been able to post papers, business cards, and even a light pen cup to the board and it looks absolutely clean.

There is no messy clean up like from a  normal cork board, this cord board has no tears or loose particles. It’s a self healing board, in the sense that the hole that is made will stay self contained and have less of a wear and tear look. I would recommend this board to anyone whose ready to start a home command center.


The price is a bit high, but when you think about how many cork boards you can go through, it’s a great investment.

Site Description

“PinPix is a patent-pending canvas bulletin board created with self-healing technology that minimizes any wear and tear when pricked.

PinPix boards are made from high quality canvas with beautiful designs you will be proud to display anywhere in your home.

Prick the canvas with a pin to display a recipe, photo, note or clipping.

Remove the pin and within the space of 48 hours this hole will partially repair itself due to the self-healing quality of the canvas!

You can use it again and again, yet your PinPix board will continue to retain most of it’s original quality and appearance!”

Retail Price: $60.44 (30×20 Size Pictured Above)

Do you have a command center at home? 

Would you use this bulletin board?