Catching Up with The Daily Passion Prompt #24-30


Daily Passion Prompt #24. If you could fix one big problem in the world, what would it be?

War. International and cultural disputes. It’s killing nations everywhere.


Daily Passion Prompt #25.

If you could have anything, what would it be?

1 milllion dollars, because let’s face it, money helps a lot of things 🙂

Daily Passion Prompt #26.

What are your top five values?





Moral Aptitude


Daily Passion Prompt #27.

If you trusted that you could live off of your favorite hobby, what would it be?

Photography of course, but if I had to choose another hobby, I would choose sewing crafts. I love to design clothes and accessories and it would be my next choice.

Daily Passion Prompt #28.

If you could drop everything and go somewhere, do something, and get something right now,

what would those three things be?

I would take my daughter on a picnic at a park, and I would go and buy food and bubbles for us to enjoy while we are enjoying our day out.

Daily Passion Prompt #29.

What’s your dream career?

My dream career would be to eventually become a fashion photographer. I love all of the different possibilities of themes and models. There is so much diversity in this field of photography and it would allow me to explore my love for fashion. I have already started but I am definitely going to develop better photography skills so that they will be national fashion magazine worthy. Here are some images from my first fashion shoot:

Exquisite Designs By Ngozika
LeSha Brewer Photography & Designs LLC

Daily Passion Prompt #30.

If you started a blog about something right now, what would it be?

Although I already have a few blogs, if I were to start right now it would be a “mommy blog” dedicated to my daughter and our adventures. Stay tuned it may be coming soon!

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My First Published Feature

First of all, I would like to thank Dean Bocari, of Passion Press Daily for awarding me and my new blogging buddy of mine, Bulging Buttons, features in his Passion Press Magazine. You can read more about it here. I’m so very thankful for the opportunity and have truly enjoyed writing the Daily Passion Prompts whenever I can. I encourage everyone to check out his site and become more passionate about your future.

Daily Passion Prompt 23|A Charitable Cause


I would love to be able to volunteer for more charitable causes, but I have never really had the time to commit to it. I told myself if I had the chance, I would volunteer for breast cancer events. I would also like to participate in other cancer events as well, such as childhood cancer and liver cancer. Cancer is close to home for me because I have family whom has passed away from this horrible disease, and my maternal grandmother is a breast cancer survivor.

I have always made plans to run in the annual breast cancer race, build a team, and an organization. Although, I was successfully in the latter, I have not been as active in events as I would like. Thankfully, I was approached by a wonderful photographer, Chinelle Rojas, for her organization, Shoot Pink.

The Shoot Pink organization is designed to offer photography services as a donation to a Breast Cancer survivor. This is an empowering opportunity to tell the story of the survivors and share with the world the strength of these beautiful women.

To find out how to get involved, visit the Shoot Pink website and find out more information as a photographer, or a survivor.

I’m excited about this new venture and I can’t wait to share the stories of these beautiful women J


Tell Me…

Have you participated in volunteering for a charity or organization?

Catching Up with Daily Passion Post 17-22|Passion Press Daily

LeSha Brewer Photography & Designs LLC

I have been so busy with undergrad work and SAHM duties that I have neglected my daily posting with Passion Press Daily.

I chose a few of the ones that interested me the most, and I have included them in short detail below. I figure, it’s better to have posted, than never to have posted at all lol

Happy Reading!

Daily Passion Post #16

What if you won the lottery tomorrow and you were set for life (financially).  Fast-forward three months later.

What would you be doing?  Where would you be living?  Who would you be surrounded by?  Why?

If I won the lottery, I would travel the world. I would interest my daughter to different cultures. I would definitely choose to live in another country, and would bring my immediate family with me. I have always wanted to live in London. Beautiful with so much history. But then my southern mom would talk me out of it, so I would move to the quiet country and live the rest of my life in peace and quiet 🙂

Daily Passion Post #19

Imagine that you’re 80 years old, sitting in your rocking chair reflecting back on your life.  

What do you want to look back on?  What memories do you want to smile about?

I’m going to look back at all the friends I’ve made, all of the good and bad things I put myself through, raising my child(ren) , being a good wife , and learning so much about myself through trial and error. I will think about all of the crazy and quirky jobs and hobbies I’ve had and spontaneous things I was able to do as a younger person. Being a photographer also allows me to have a physical memory in a photo, for me to be able to look back and reflect on the many wonderful moments with family.

Daily Passion Post #20

What do you want people to remember you by?

I want people to remember that I was a kind-hearted person. Passionate about life and loving.

Daily Passion Post #21

What pisses you off more than anything else?

What upsets me the most is liars and bigots. I pray for these people daily.

Daily Passion Post #22

Which topics or beliefs of yours do you always defend and argue with other people about?


The only topic I generally get in arguments with people about is politics. I hate talking about politics and lately I’d rather read about it than talk about it.

Tell Me…

Did you think about any of these questions? How do you feel about the passion press daily questions asked in this post?

Awesome Blog Posts:

Daily Passion Prompt 14| What Are You Naturally Talented At Doing?

Creative Writing. Creative Art. Creative Photography


Improvisation is by far one of my best talents. Creative writing, short stories, poems, skits…you name it, I can pretty much come up with something in less than 30 minutes. This is why I have taken to blogging so much. Most of my posts are free versed and written as I go.

I would also have to go as far as saying, artistically talented.  I am a sketch artist, so I don’t paint or use acrylics but I love to draw. It’s been awhile since I created an original piece, but I’m hoping to make time for it in the future. I can draw/recreate/mimic any art I see. I can remake, make or rebuild any craft. I am a visual learner and I have learned so many things and taken up hobbies because of my growing interests.

And lastly, I believe my eye for beauty in my photography is one of my natural talents. I have been learning to try and capture the natural beauty of nature, but I can’t wait to see it translated in portrait photography. I’m wanting to go with a more natural and less conventional style of photography, but I really believe that my connection with my subjects will be able to shine through.

Tell Me…

What Are You Naturally Talented At Doing?



(Photo Link)

FEAR & How It’s Affecting My Future

I have always had a tiny voice in the back of my mind telling me that I couldn’t do something. Telling me that I wasn’t good enough. Telling me that I wouldn’t be able to do it. This voice, turned out to be my internal fear. My fear of trying something new and being too afraid to fail. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will know that this is something that I have struggled with.

Fear is a very strong emotion if you allow it to crowd your mind. Fear can keep you from things you love the most, things you want to succeed at and even things you know you’re good at.

This is why I began this journey. The slogan title of my blog is self evident of that: Fearlessly pursuing my passions and living life to the fullest.

I wrote those words to speak positive affirmation in my life. It’s a daily reminder to myself that fear will not control my destiny. I control my destiny and my maker guides the way. I am still on my journey of living out my dreams and pursuing my passions, but I will no longer allow fear to be at the helm.

Daily Passion Prompt 5| What’s Your Favorite Section In The Bookstore?


 Photo Credit Link

I would have to say there are a few sections in the bookstore that I gravitate too.


Psychological Thrillers



Classic Literature

Self Help/Relationship

My favorite section will always be the self help section. There is something about learning so much about self improvement in you as well as in your relationships. It has truly been very beneficial to have studied about dealing with whatever may come my way. I encourage everyone to check out this section of your bookstore if you haven’t frequented it before and have a look around. There’s a book for anyone there. Who doesn’t want to self improve? 🙂

I’m always looking for ways to be a better person in life.

Tell Me…

What’s Your Favorite Section in the Bookstore?

Daily Passion Prompt 3| What do you do that helps you bring happiness and excitement into your life?

My life’s happiness involves two of the most important things in my life–my family and my spirituality. Spending time with my family brings so much excitement and joy to my life. These days are to be cherished and every extra moment I can spend with them makes me so happy.

My spirituality brings happiness to my life as well. It has helped my family grow stronger and helps us have a bond that no person could break. It has brought so much renewal and grace in my life. Without these two elements in my life, I wouldn’t be as happy or as strong as I am today.

Tell Me…

What do you do that helps you bring happiness and excitement into your life?

Daily Passion Prompt 2 |What Topic Or Subject Are You the Go To Person For?

Day 2 Daily Passion Prompt-What Topic Or Subject Are You the Go To Person For?

I’m usually the go to person for anything that has to do with writing or typing up something. I have always been very educated in different writing styles for papers and other forms of writing, as well as being a great typist. I was much better in college, when the information was fresh, and even had the opportunity to work and teach in the writing lab. Presently, I type business letters and resumes for my friends and colleagues when they seek help and I actually pride myself in having a 100% hiring rate from the letters and resumes I’ve typed up for people. lol I have even written a paper or two…shh don’t tell anyone.

I’m also a lover of poetry and have a written a few love letters and poems for friends to give to their loved ones. Now, I know you’re thinking, why not just make a career out of it. I have thought about that, but never thought it would pan out for me. I wanted to write love greeting cards and I would absolutely love it, but there’s something about putting a monetary value on something as personal as poetry. It can really take the fun and passion out of it and it’s definitely not something that I ever want to lose passion for.

Now I Ask You

What Topic Or Subject Are You the Go To Person For?