What I Live For

What I Live For

My Beautiful Daughter

She’s what I live for

Nothing else matters

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Giving Your Photos Meaning


Jayda & Alex


Capturing family photos can be pretty stressful when you have little ones. I have experienced every bit of frustration from trying to keep them happy and engaged during photo shoots. I especially have trouble with keeping my daughter’s attention when I’m trying to photograph her.

What I have learned to do, is try and give my photos more meaning by capturing the moments that are more spontaneous than posed. Capturing moments when a child is in their element, playing, or just plain ole not paying attention to you, are some of the best photos you can take of them.

For the featured image, I let her play on the porch and whatever she did, I captured. This photo was the best of them all. She stopped and crouched down next to the cat. They both were looking in the same direction at that moment, and although the photo edit itself isn’t prefect, what matters is that I captured my daughter in a beautiful moment.

I love unconventional poses and angles. This really gave my photo a better meaning because it was so spontaneous and dramatic.

Want to know how to give your photo’s a better meaning?

° Throw all rules out of the window, the more spontaneous the better.
° Try a new angle or background.
° If you’re shooting a child, get down to their level. They really do have the best view of the world.
° The more natural the photo is, the better.
° Have fun with it and don’t stress yourself out about getting the perfect shot. Most of the time, bad photos can turn into great ones when you look at them from a different perspective.

Have fun with trying this new approach to photos and share your favorite unconventional photo you’ve captured.

Photo Inspiration| Flower Power

I’ve been completely determined to capture better images when I’m shooting landscape/flower photos. We took a trip up to Northern Arkansas to visit my in-laws and she has been growing a beautiful flower garden. Needless to say, I’m not sure exactly what each bloom is called but she had plenty to shoot. Next time I visit, I will make sure to have the names/types of flowers I’m taking photos of.

These images are all straight out of camera, without any editing, except to resize for the internet, and that’s it! I’ve been working really hard on getting it “right in the camera”. I hope I did it well, but I think I didn’t do too bad if I say so myself. I’m still learning how to not have a heavy editing hand, so the best way to do that is to shoot  and find the best light and color to help your image shine.

Tell Me…

Have you photographed anything new this week?

Leave your link below 🙂

Catching Up with Daily Passion Post 17-22|Passion Press Daily

LeSha Brewer Photography & Designs LLC

I have been so busy with undergrad work and SAHM duties that I have neglected my daily posting with Passion Press Daily.

I chose a few of the ones that interested me the most, and I have included them in short detail below. I figure, it’s better to have posted, than never to have posted at all lol

Happy Reading!

Daily Passion Post #16

What if you won the lottery tomorrow and you were set for life (financially).  Fast-forward three months later.

What would you be doing?  Where would you be living?  Who would you be surrounded by?  Why?

If I won the lottery, I would travel the world. I would interest my daughter to different cultures. I would definitely choose to live in another country, and would bring my immediate family with me. I have always wanted to live in London. Beautiful with so much history. But then my southern mom would talk me out of it, so I would move to the quiet country and live the rest of my life in peace and quiet 🙂

Daily Passion Post #19

Imagine that you’re 80 years old, sitting in your rocking chair reflecting back on your life.  

What do you want to look back on?  What memories do you want to smile about?

I’m going to look back at all the friends I’ve made, all of the good and bad things I put myself through, raising my child(ren) , being a good wife , and learning so much about myself through trial and error. I will think about all of the crazy and quirky jobs and hobbies I’ve had and spontaneous things I was able to do as a younger person. Being a photographer also allows me to have a physical memory in a photo, for me to be able to look back and reflect on the many wonderful moments with family.

Daily Passion Post #20

What do you want people to remember you by?

I want people to remember that I was a kind-hearted person. Passionate about life and loving.

Daily Passion Post #21

What pisses you off more than anything else?

What upsets me the most is liars and bigots. I pray for these people daily.

Daily Passion Post #22

Which topics or beliefs of yours do you always defend and argue with other people about?


The only topic I generally get in arguments with people about is politics. I hate talking about politics and lately I’d rather read about it than talk about it.

Tell Me…

Did you think about any of these questions? How do you feel about the passion press daily questions asked in this post?

Awesome Blog Posts:


Blogtember 9| My Shameless Self Portrait

Blogtember 9| Self Portrait

It has taken me a long time to even want to be in front of a camera. I absolutely love taking photos of other subjects but rarely step in front of the camera. This was another impromptu photo shoot and.

I am definitely on a journey of rediscovering my self confidence and image of myself.

Photo Inspiration| Autumn Hummingbird

Photo Inspiration| Autumn Hummingbird

Autumn Hummingbird

I waited patiently to take this photo of one of the many hummingbirds flying around my in laws home. They were everywhere and in spite of the fact that I didn’t have a long zoom lens with me, I wanted to capture at least one shot of these beautiful birds. This snapshot was one of about 10 attempts. I edited the photo to give a rustic, autumn feel and I also love to make photos appear more matte and vintage.

Camera Settings: Prime Lens 50mm F/Stop 3.2 Shutter Speed 1/4000 ISO 1600

Daily Passion Prompt 3| What do you do that helps you bring happiness and excitement into your life?

My life’s happiness involves two of the most important things in my life–my family and my spirituality. Spending time with my family brings so much excitement and joy to my life. These days are to be cherished and every extra moment I can spend with them makes me so happy.

My spirituality brings happiness to my life as well. It has helped my family grow stronger and helps us have a bond that no person could break. It has brought so much renewal and grace in my life. Without these two elements in my life, I wouldn’t be as happy or as strong as I am today.

Tell Me…

What do you do that helps you bring happiness and excitement into your life?

20 Facts About Me


1) Im a Capricorn and I share my birthday with MLK Jr 🙂

2) Im an imtrovert but slowly working on coming out of my shell, hence the blog

3) I am an artist and I  would draw cartons,comics, and portraits when I was younger

4) I am the oldest sibling

5)Im a nail biter

6) I heart makeup

7) I am a book lover

8) I tried out for soccer in junior high..major fail

9)I was on the drill team

10) I sang in the choir for 5 years..soprano 🙂

11) I love listening to classical music

12)I love vintage movies and photography

13)Im a professional photographer

14) Im married and have a little girl

15) I’m afraid of the dark, bugs and roller coasters

16) I absolutely hate driving over water..like on a bridge or highway

17) Im an 80s baby and love 80s and 90s music

18) I took German for two years and I only know how to say Ich heibe LeSha, Wer bist du?  🙂

19) I was a tomboy through out my early school years until I discovered NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys 🙂

20) I love watching movies..especially horror but I can’t watch them alone and afterwards I always have nightmares lol

If you are reading this post, you are officially tagged! I would love to get to know you! Post your links or random facts below 🙂